I called my bank and was told they monitor fraud on my account and they saw no suspicious activity

I applied for a loan and i have had a company offer me a loan but they are expecting and insurance payment upfront by me of ?25 for the ?2000 to be in my account 20 minutes after they have recieved the ?25 but they want the ?25 insurance upfront payment by means of a ?25amazon gift card. Any thougbta

I am not quite sure but, maybe i should check with a friesd to see if i have stupid stamped on my forehead

i keep getting these scams sent to me this time it was to be a survey. i was to deposit a check they sent to me and when i had cash in hand go to a local store and buy gift card then call them with the pass numbers and photo of the number from the front of the card. Do i have STUPID stamped on my forehead? don’t ever be so desperate for money that you will do anything. ‘cuase it’s your sole you’ll loose.

I got scammed from a seller on eBay. He sent me a fake invoice and asked for $1,000 in ebay gift cards for the purchase of a motorcycle. As soon as I sent the cards he deleted his listings and would not respond to me. Be careful out there!

Someone asked me to get them a steam card and text info to them right alone with proof of purchase. I then texted pictures of the steam card with the recipe to them. What reason could the other party have had for need of the recipe when the person in question was not the one buying payday loan stores in Hartville the gift card in the first place?

On I called facebook to request help in suspending a facebook account I’d opened for business purposes only. A representative told me someone was trying to hack my account. I was directed me to go buy ebay cards and give them the code and they would block the hackers. Out of panick, I was out of over $300 when I caught on. The guy from Facebook called me back several times insisting that I buy more cards and give him the number. Please don’t pay anybody with ebay cards. This needs to be reported. Times are stressful enough already.

I was sent an email from cashapp saying that I have to get an eBay voucher to get $3,500 from my cashapp

I bought a gift card and it was declined and I just bought it so I don’t understand if you could check it out for me and let me know please I’d be greatly appreciated

I read about scams re: gift cards.But what is the deal about getting messages from CVS saying my gift card is there to be picked up or mailed to me the amounts have been as much as 80, 90, and more amounts. Is this a scam? I would like to have them if it is real but I have ignored them and I still keep getting these e mails telling me I have a gift card to claim with certain amounts. I did not see how to find out about it but did not pursue it because it sounds like a scam. I can’t believe CVS is going to give me or anyone a $90 dollar gift card or even several other amounts I have been told I have. so far if I had picked up anything like that it would have amounted to at least $ 200. or more but there is no set place to collect them except to reply to the e mail and that sounds fishy too. .