Rhea told her that she ended up being shocked as she considered that a mother/daughter commitment had been a powerful one

She told Lena about her daughter and this she treasured your deeply then again he’d fallen for a female that went on to just take the lady from your and and after that their spouse was actually killed

Rhea have considering Lena the design schematics for a [[|transmatter portal]]. Lena got excited at the options and positive that such a computer device may have in the industry though she know it absolutely was at present simply a theory. Rhea shared with her it absolutely was feasible and shared that she did not tell Lena all of the woman strategy to the concept as she wanted to evaluate their interest before trusting their with them. Lena informed her that she got really interested and Rhea decided to discuss all of them. They moved off to grab a bite along where Rhea provided their a thumb drive utilizing the continuing to be pieces of the schematics when it comes down to product. Rhea subsequently asserted that the girl mom should be very pleased with the girl but Lena informed her that she and her mommy cannot talk to the other person anymore specially after the lady tries to frame the woman.

Lena was then visited by Rhea again as she was groing through all brand-new facts for all the site there site. Lena told Rhea she was arranging for safety to let the lady gain access to the lady office but she simply needed the girl thumbprint. She next moved the lady alien discovery tool for Rhea to make use of and noticed that she got an alien. Whenever Rhea requested the reason why the unit acted just how they did, Lena dismissed they before she advised Rhea that she had reviewed their concept and knew it would want a feature that didn’t exists on the planet. She after that shared that she know that Rhea ended up being an alien. Lena angrily told her that she wouldn’t develop something on her behalf and that she need the girl out of the strengthening. Rhea subsequently remaining without another phrase. Later on at night, Lena got seen by Rhea exactly who informed her the reason she lied about being an alien was because she had been alert to their mom’s reputation and mightn’t be certain that she wasn’t in the same way. Lena spitefully informed her that lots of visitors immediately believe that she was a certain ways because she got a Luthor. Rhea after that told her that the lady offer had been genuine and she performed need assist her and wished that Lena would reconsider. She subsequently teleported of her office to go away Lena to the woman ideas. She attempted to name Kara on her opinion but Kara told her it wasn’t a great time as she was in the midst of an emergency of her very own.

After, Lena got labeled as by Kara and she requested if she is fine. Kara shared with her that everything had turned-out fine and Kara then requested just what Lena wished to mention previously. Lena shared with her that she had really decided that on her very own. Lena after that looked over at Rhea, who she got made a decision to make use of in the portal after all. Lena then asked should they are prepared replace the community which Rhea informed her that she ended up being.[[|]]

Rhea’s betrayal

Lena after provides meal with Kara, just who asks just what provides stored her therefore active. Lena says to her that the woman is using the services of a unique lover before leaving to do their basic examination in the site. After, Lena and Rhea are at supper discussing the failed basic examination of site. Lena is actually disappointed but Lillian reassures Lena that she feels within her. Once again, their particular examinations fail and Lena implies they go see Lex because however have the ability to fix-it. Lena is still frustrated at decreased development becoming produced and states she wished to get it attempting to persuade everyone, and by herself that she was equally as good as Lex. Rhea reassures Lena that she’s wise and guarantees her that she will be able to exercise and provides the lady suggestions about the way to get it be effective.