The natural step T4 try a a€?pocketa€? DAB radio


  • No water-resistance
  • No carry case

Key Specs

  • Review Terms: A?
  • 4W amp
  • DAB/FM tuners
  • 10 presets per tuner
  • Bluetooth
  • 15-hour battery pack (22hrs utilizing earphones)

What’s the Pure Step T4?

Imagine layer pocket, perhaps not denim jeans pocket, though; because it keeps an audio speaker on the front side. And unlike the Roberts athletics, it’s not best a speaker designed to communicate football effects.

A price tag of A?99 might initially seem a lot for limited radio. However, the absolute step T4 also offers Bluetooth, a simple screen and audio quality which is better than expected considering just how lean it’s.

Natural Move T4 a€“ Design

The natural action T4 is actually a pocket DAB radio. I will suit they in my jeans wallet, comfortably therefore during the again pouch, but I wouldn’t circumambulate with one out of there every single day like I might a Move R3.

The T4 was 13 long, 6.5cm greater and 2cm heavy. Front-on this is the same proportions as a small-ish telephone, but it’s significantly more than twice as thicker.

Easily was after a DAB broadcast to utilize with headphones, I’d buy the Move R3 rather. But when you consider the step T4’s portability given the introduction of a speaker, it is fantastic. The step T4 try drastically much more convenient compared to normal portable Bluetooth audio speaker.

It weighs only 190g (once more, comparable to a cell phone) and is also dwarfed because of the Jam rock presenter We usually advise to most family. The natural Move T4 is really lightweight, with a pragmatic shape, that its convenience rank is by the roofing system.

Discover just two hardware disappointments. It generally does not have a bag, which may happen helpful, plus it lacks any kind of ruggedisation. There’s zero water-resistance, and an uncovered micro-USB charge outlet on the rear produces myself bother about also a light rain bath.

The absolute action T4 is mostly plastic, nevertheless the front speaker grille try coated steel and also the section covering the monitor is windows. This can be welcome, since plastic display coverings usually pick up scuffs and marks quickly, that may ruin all round see within times.

Sit the Pure action T4 on an appartment exterior and it’ll stand up unaided, but it addittionally features a synthetic base that swivels out from their back that acts as a support. This is helpful if you want to stay the air upon some turf. It can also help balance radio stations once you pull-out the telescopic aerial.

Period in the playground, a festival or a British camping trip feel normal surroundings for your absolute action T4.

The T4 try button-operated, and all were clearly labelled. A group on the top enables you to access the selection and switch between resources. Moobs on the side alters amount, along with the four buttons throughout the side you can access the presets. You receive 10 presets for each and every associated with DAB/FM tuners. Three of your very top picks obtain own specialized option, whilst the other people seem on-screen once you push the a€?4+’ option.

Natural Push T4 a€“ Features

Radio stations’s display is a square color Liquid Crystal Display. It really is obvious and bright. But nowadays, since high-quality displays can be found on also low priced mobile phones, I question in the event the T4 would appear much better with among the monochrome OLEDs sheer makes use of in some various other radios.

The Liquid Crystal Display appears somewhat recessed and screen’s colour is used to highlight low-charge in the battery and then make means range search just a little fancier. It is a aim, though, and there’s an ambient detector regarding top to allow the backlight suit the lightweight levels.

Bluetooth furthermore snatches back today’s feeling the sheer Move T4. You’ll flow any sound from your own phone towards the radio, such as podcasts, Spotify together with acoustics from programs instance YouTube. Considering that the sounds is superior to any telephone audio speaker, you might make use of it as an approach to create a Netflix motion picture noise better.

Pure says the T4’s power supply lasts for 22 several hours. However, this figure makes reference to incorporate with headsets. Utilize the audio speaker alone and this will continue for 15 many hours. In my opinion, the strength is gloomier at highest volumes, but you will however get around 10 time’ need.

Considering that the T4 keeps a micro-USB charge slot, you can use your own cell charger to switch on an exterior power provide the action T4 a top-up.

Natural Go T4 a€“ Quality Of Sound

Exactly how close can a wallet broadcast noises? The Pure Move T4’s audio impresses, particularly since most of its large DAB radios has lagged behind standalone Bluetooth speakers.

But before we become on compliments, bear in mind it generally does not do plus a bar-shaped cordless audio speaker including the Denon Envaya Mini, which sounds bigger, crisper plus powerful. It generally does not actually come close.

Absolute has not unveiled the dimensions of drivers into the Move T4, but my personal tape measure says it really is roughly 1.4 in across. And for the size, its amp has actually an impressive 4W RMS of electricity.

The noises offers some bass; it’s lightweight but definitely current. That is the actual difference between this and most various other pouch radios with incorporated speakers. I discover this particular device attached to the ear of an uncle at a wedding, just who can not carry to overlook the sporting events listings. Such products have a tendency to appear tinny and rough. The Sheer Move T4 doesn’t.

Songs appears great through this broadcast. There is a half-spoonful of bass, some mid-range meaning and no harshness or transistor broadcast scratchiness into the treble. Performance because of its dimensions are excellent.

I have invested hrs listening to BBC 6 Audio and broadcast 4 through A lot more T4, far more than had been needed for this evaluation. It’s a rather satisfying small broadcast.

There’s also multiple different audio profiles. Some are just EQ settings, but additionally Personal and out-of-doors configurations that fool around with the amount and loudness. Personal limitations optimum levels, but really favorable link provides the cleanest sound quality; the Pure T4’s motorist doesn’t always have to force the projection, making the mids smoother in the ear.

Using the a€?full volumea€? methods you will see levels highs of around 83dB well away of 10 in. Which is sufficient to defend myself against the sounds of a kitchen or fill a hotel area sensibly better.

Want the very best radio quality of sound you will get for approximately A?100? you would be better off with a stand-alone Bluetooth presenter and websites radio streamed throughout your phone’s cellular internet. The Jam heavy metal and rock, and Denon Envaya Mini and UE Boom 2 are great solutions.

But nothing in the overhead can really compete with the ease and simplicity of the natural action T4. It’s a true separate product; it’s just 2cm heavy; and also Wireless for the people times as soon as you would desire to flow out of your mobile.